Flexible Ventilation Duct

Aluminum is truly one of the most useful substances known to man, and its usage in a wide array of different products, machinery and equipment is sheer testament to its tremendous flexibility for a broad range of applications. There are few materials on this planet more versatile than aluminum, and nowhere are its unique qualities more apparent than in the flexible ventilation duct. Nowadays, more and more households and industries are looking into the many advantages offered by a ventilation system, of which the flexible ventilation duct is an integral part.

Aluminum use in history

There was a time in history when the industry standard was ducting systems made out of metal. With the continued and unabated rise of industrialization however, the previously inexpensive building material–steel–became more and more cost prohibitive, a development that coincided with the rise in the cost of labor as well. It was apparent that an alternative to steel was needed, and one of the materials that came to the fore was aluminum.

Today, most ventilation systems use aluminum to some degree, and there are even entire ventilation systems made predominantly with that very material. Nowadays, flexible ventilation ducts are used in many areas of industry, and the flexible ventilation duct has achieved a prominent role in the business, commercial and industrial scenes.

Why use a flexible ventilation duct

Why are flexible ventilation ducts so popular? It all boils down to the unique qualities of aluminum. This particular metal is known mainly for its:
The list actually goes on and on, and in fact, the only edge that metal has over aluminum is its superior strength. Even so, the many other qualities of aluminum make components such as the flexible ventilation duct a better construction choice all around.

Furthermore, aluminum is second only to metal in terms of strength. Add to that the fact that a flexible ventilation duct is approximately 35% cheaper than a similar structure made out of steel, and you have a low cost solution to your ventilation system needs.

A flexible ventilation duct is also remarkably easy to transport and to install, mainly due to the lightweight and flexible qualities of aluminum. In many areas of industry wherein a flexible ventilation duct is commonly used, the material is the overwhelmingly popular choice since the system can be installed in as little as a few hours. A similar system made out of steel on the other hand, will require a few days to install.

A lower cost ventilation solution

The sheer cost-effective and easy installation process of a flexible ventilation duct means more time and resources that can be put to better use elsewhere. This results in a more productive workforce, and since aluminum is an especially durable material, you won't have to spend very much on maintenance and repair costs either

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